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Who we are.. 3LO

3LO started in 2011, as Bhanu realised the need for management services in Melbourne. Specially, art run through Bhanu’s blood as he is from a well known family in Sri Lanka, and his father is one of the pioneers of modern day arts and culture in the tiny island nation. Bhanu has been on a stage since a very young age, hence, he totally understands what needs to happen in order to make an event extraordinary. The first event management that Bhanu involved in Australia was in 2007 and it was a very successful event as a result of Bhanu’s dedication, performance, creativity and drive. Over the first decade of its operations, 3LO conducted more than 50 public events in all shapes & forms. One of 3LO’s main values is versatility, which has enabled the firm to manage many of these large scale events in a commercially viable manner. Moreover, the versatility means that 3LO can provide a range of services from event management to lodging of international artists, to make your event one which you and your guests will truly remember for a lifetime. Furthermore, we strive to create events which offer a unique experience to both the performers and the audience, and 3LO is known for creating spectacular events.

3LO has also be conducting tutoring services for students and has been delivering successful results. VCE is known to be very competitive with students from all across the state, trying the utmost to succeed and get a place at some of Australia, and the world’s premier universities. Many students thus enlist the help of private tutors, in order to be one step ahead of the pack when it comes to their academics. 3LO has been conducting VCE Accounting Tutoring since 2015, and we have partners who are extremely qualified and are able to teach other VCE subjects. Our tutors put this success down to having a proper plan in place and ensuring that students remain motivated throughout the year to ensure that they can perform well on end of year exams. Moreover, at 3LO we believe that all great tutors should have exemplary organisational and communication skills as well as an unrivalled subject knowledge. Our team can whole-heartedly say that we are able to provide a service to students which will encompass all these values, hence, rest assured they will be receiving a service that is one of a kind.

3LO’s newest venture is providing support to the most vulnerable people in society. 3LO has identified the need for exemplary care for people living in our community who require the need of specialist workers. Building up from 3LO’s core values of quality, reliability and versatility the managing team has obtained NDIS accreditation for 3LO in 2021, which enables 3LO to directly cater for the needs of NDIA members as well as the wider general public. You now may be asking what is the NDIS? The NDIS was introduced progressively across all states and territories in Australia from 2013, and provides support to eligible people with intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial disability. The 3LO team shares a unique passion of caring for these people, and believe whole heartedly that with the right support services in place, these vulnerable members of society can do great things for our community.

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