Dineth Kankani
Executive – Operations and Procedures

Dineth is a budding young professional who is finishing a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. Dineth has successfully assisted in many start-up operations. He ensures 3LO adheres to its rigid policies as well as being a pro-active decision maker, 3LO is able to provide superior services. Being a Melburnian from birth, he genuinely understands the needs of the Victorian community.

Hiranya Gamaariya
Director – Marketing and Finance

Hiranya is a peoples’ person putting the needs of others ahead of her own. Her vast experience in aged care has enabled her to identify and develop the strength in assisting people with their day-to-day needs. As head of disability care operations, Hiranya prides herself on delivering outstanding care and goes above and beyond to ensure that each client receives the best 3LO can provide. Hiranya holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, specialised in languages & aesthetic streams, which enables her to think outside the box and plan all promotional campaigns for 3LO projects.

Bhanuka Manorathne
Managing Director

Bhanuka is a highly skilled and qualified professional who is currently serving as a senior accountant & tax supervisor for a public practicing accounting firm in Melbourne. Bhanuka is the founder of 3LO in early 2011, and his versatility as a leader has enabled it to prosper. Bhanuka is well connected with the Sri Lankan community in Victoria, which has enabled 3LO to host many successful events in Melbourne. His long-term plan is to make 3LO, a one stop hub, offering a wide variety of services to the Australian community and his many academic qualifications backs-up the professional & compliance achievements in all organisational objectives.

Nimashini Prarthana
Co-founder and Business Consultant

Nish is a very young professional, who joined Bhanu when establishing the 3LO Service’s corporate structure in early 2015. Nish holds an Advanced Diploma in Tourism Management. She has successfully held a director position for 3LO Pty Ltd and is currently pursuing an administrative role in the Public Service. She always assists in selecting feasible projects for 3LO, which results in value improvements to both the organisation and the wider Australian community.